Introducing Serve

Sometimes, it takes a great deal of effort to create something simple.

These are the typical questions which would come to your mind when aiming for simplicity.

Well, here is my dedication to the shrine of simplicity.

What is this?

Serve makes serving static content out of directories simple.

Why would you want to do this?

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

When you can just do this:

serve .

Serve is a single binary. Easy installed via Homebrew with a single command:

brew install kidoman/tools/serve

(there are a few other ways of installing Serve, including but not limited to precompiled binaries. But they are much better documented at the Github repo)

How to use

Provided you have serve under your $PATH somewhere:

serve .

This will serve the current directory at http://localhost:5000/

serve -p 9999 ~/my-awesome-blog

Will serve the contents of the folder ~/my-awesome-blog at http://localhost:9999/

serve -x /my ~/precious

You guessed it, http://localhost:5000/my is now wired up to ~/precious

serve -o ~/sesame

Wires up http://localhost:5000 to ~/sesame and opens the URL in your favorite browser while it is at it.

Next Steps

The next logical thing would be to allow the serve functionality to be used by simply importing the package. But it totally depends on the simplicity of the change! Happy serving.

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