Sitting at Work

(you might be wondering why I am posting this under Life, but hey, I have never too successful at keeping my work out of my life, so meh.)

I have been reading a few articles which paint a pretty scary picture of what all can happen by vegetating infront of the computer screen day in and day out.

I tried the standing desk for a while. In fact, it became quite a hit (definition: A few other people also decided to get in on the fun and got the desks made.) However, I had a little problem with it. I couldn’t think while standing. Sure, I could go into drone mode and fire out code by the SLOCS, but when I came upon something interesting, my body wanted to cozy into the most comfortable position possible and then do the thinking.

Clearly the standing desk solution was not scalable for me.

So, I am trying something else now…

Every 1 hr (for the geeks: 0 * * * *), I get up and do 10 proper push ups.

This should help me keep the metabolism up and fight some of the side effects of sitting for long durations.

Hoping for the best as always!

Update 1 Venki, Sneha, Kuldeep (Noodles) have already joined in on the fun!

Update 2 Now Prabhu joined in on the fun!

Update 3 Headcount is up to 10! And we have grown beyond just doing push ups! This is gonna be great!

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